Lottery System

Due to the high interest granted the Chinese Immersion Program bySoutheast Elementary parents, a random-draw lottery system will be instituted to maintain a fair and transparent method for filling the spots available in the class. Lottery procedures and wait list policy are outlined as follows:

  1. Requirements for inclusion in lottery
    1. Enrolled in JPS and residing in Southeast Elementary attendance ward
    2. Application received in SE Chinese Office (mailed or delivered in person)
      by 5:00PM on April 1, 2014.
  1. Lottery Day
    1. Drawing performed by objective, non-Immersion Team member
    2. Names typed on template, folded once and glued
    3. Transparent containers clearly labeled K-Boy, K-Girl
    4. Ratio of boys/girls established according to applicant pool
    5. Clearly labeled lists provided with space for each name drawn
    6. Names drawn in following order:  K-Boy, K-Girl
    7. All Chinese Immersion Team members present including Assistant Superintendents.
    8. Wait List established as all names drawn during lottery
  1. Parent Notification
    1. Congratulation letters along with Acceptance of Placement forms mailed to homes of children selected in the lottery.
    2. Letters sent to those not selected, including each child’s wait list number
    3. Parents reminded of mandatory parent meeting to discuss specifics of program
    4. Completed and signed Acceptance of Placement forms returned to Southeast Chinese office.